Lived Experience Workforce Toolkit for Organisations

Lived Experience Workforce Toolkit for Organisations


About the Toolkit

Understanding the Mental Health Lived Experience skill set is important for Lived Experience Workers (LEWs), their Leaders and staff across the organisation.

Being able to effectively translate Lived Experience into work practice requires a high level of skills development, self-awareness and self-determination. The success of Lived Experience roles depends on effective recruitment and ongoing support – particularly around the Lived Experience skill set.

The LEWP has co-produced a set of documents which together form a Workforce Development Toolkit, supporting NGOs to prepare for, recruit, support and grow their LEW.

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NGO Mental Health Lived Experience Workforce (LEW) Standards and Guidelines

The LEWP has been tasked with building the capacity of the NGO Mental Health sector to effectively recruit, support and develop and grow its LEW. In a co-design process with the LEWP Reference Group, the LEWP has produced the NGO Mental Health LEW Standards and Guidelines.

Designed in a self-assessment format, the Standards and Guidelines will guide an organisation through review of policies, processes and practices. These best practice principles are designed to support NGOs to effectively prepare for, recruit, retain/support and develop their LEW and include vital elements that will assist in addressing gaps such as professional development and role clarity.

For help with implementation, please contact the LEWP.

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