Nathan Bolton joins us for From the Ground up

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September 10, 2019
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October 1, 2019

When Nathan Bolton first started facing his mental health challenges he was looking for a voice to help him. Unfortunately he could not find it, and so filled the very shoes he searched for.

In his early 20’s Nathan joined the Armed Services and deployed twice to Afghanistan with Australian Special Forces.

Over his tours, Nathan was involved in numerous gunfights, contemplated his death lying on top of buried bombs and was a first responder to a mate who stepped on an IED.

In 2014, Nathan was medically discharged for physical injuries, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression. Within a couple years, his mental health deteriorated which ultimately led towards suicidal ideations.

Nathan says he lost his twenties with all his energy taken just waking up each morning. He admits the road to recovery was not easy however how we navigate this “displays more strength of character than any great accomplishment or deed,” he says.

His recovery and willingness to speak up has now spurred others to reach out in times of need, devoting his time and effort to break the very stigma that stopped him asking for help.

Nathan is our guest speaker at this year’s From the Ground Up Breakfast with his talk opening up the discussion of managing mental health challenges and supporting our mates in times of need.

From the Ground Up is a free breakfast we are hosting this World Mental Health Day to raise awareness around suicide prevention and mental health on our worksites. Join us to find out what others are doing in the construction industry and where you can get support for your workmates.

You can register here.

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