For Leaders of Lived Experience Workforce

For Leaders of Lived Experience Workforce


Professional Development for Leaders

The LEWP provides free training for people whose roles have a direct line management responsibility of mental health Lived Experience/Peer Workers.

Our series of sessions, under the heading ‘LEt’s Talk About…’ covers:

1. Strengths-based Recruitment of LEW
2. Establishing the Role
3. Supervision of LEW
4. Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience

The aims are to increase understanding of lived experience as a skill set; get organisations thinking about best practice and where they are in terms of recruitment, support and development of their LEW; increase confidence in leading LEWs and promoting effective LEW-Leader working relationships.

Registrations are open to supervisors of mental health LEWs from the SA NGO and Government mental health sectors.

Details of future sessions (including link to register) will appear here when scheduled.


MHCSA_20181126_LE-Workshop - 6

Community of Practice for NGO Leaders (Line Management Supervisors) of Mental Health Lived Experience/Peer Workforce

LEWP has worked in co-design to establish a Community of Practice for people who directly lead designated mental health lived experience/peer work roles within the NGO sector in SA. We welcome supervisors of related specialist peer work roles e.g. AOD.

The purpose of coming together is to build effective practice in leadership of the Lived Experience Workforce through sharing of knowledge and collective wisdom, and contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the Lived Experience Workforce in SA.

The Purpose Statement document can be downloaded here.

All leaders (the "community") who attend will be responsible for running the meetings and can volunteer to act as the meeting host for future sessions. LEWP will provide administration support to the host and community.

Details of future sessions (including link to register) will appear here when scheduled.


Support for Organisations

Together with our Reference Group, the LEWP has co-produced a range of tools designed to support organisations who have, or are preparing to employ LEWs. Documents such as the NGO LEW Standards and Guidelines cover all aspects of workforce development, e.g. organisational preparation, recruitment, retention and development.

The tools can be downloaded here.