Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week Grants



BPD Awareness Week Grants


In 2021, the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia (MHCSA) is expanding our Mental Health Week program to all of October. Mental Health Awareness Month will join in with national events that aim to improve community awareness and interest in mental health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the Borderline Personality Disorder Collaborative (BPD Co), we have been funded to allocate small grants of between $500 and $2000 to support promotional activities during the first week of October (1-7) for BPD Awareness Week.


Borderline Personality Awareness Week

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a common and serious mental illness affecting between one and four percent of the population. BPD Awareness Week was established in 2014 as a result of consumer, carer and clinician advocacy to provide a time for acknowledgement and recognition to reduce prejudice and discrimination against people with BPD. BPD Week presents a powerful opportunity to demystify a complex mental health challenge and raise awareness during Mental Health Month.


Grant Information

Funding applications are invited from mental health service providers, community organisations, creative collectives, and individuals, for activities and events to be held from October 1-7 in South Australia that aim to:

  • Bring consumers and carers together in celebration of the strengths and resilience of people living with BPD
  • Raise awareness and combat stigma associated with BPD
  • Build connection and a sense of belonging to a broader community of people affected by BPD
  • Celebrate the theme of BPD Awareness Week 2021: ‘Discover creative wellbeing’

The maximum amount available for each application is $2000. Projects that demonstrate collaboration, partnership with, and participation from a number of organisations in one area and projects that demonstrate leadership by and co-design alongside community members with lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder (including carers) will be well regarded. Demonstration of strong in-kind and/or cash contributions from the applicant and partners will also benefit your application.

Promotional activities that cater to the following groups in the BPD community will be prioritised: 

  • Young people aged 12 to 25 years
  • Parents of children under three years
  • People living in regional areas
  • People in the criminal justice system
  • First Nations communities.

Examples of promotional activities include: 

  • Lunches, dinners, morning & afternoon teas
  • Festivals, expos & stalls 
  • Seminar & webinars 
  • Art exhibitions
  • Theatre or music productions
  • Spoken word poetry, storytelling or comedy nights 
  • Writing, painting, photography or music workshops
  • Film screenings
  • Artist panels or creative presentations
  • Murals and installations
  • Pottery or crafting events
  • Gardening gatherings
  • Zine-shares.

Applicants are encouraged to develop activities that communicate with the general public.
All communication materials (including publications, posters, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, media releases, advertisements, web sites, merchandise, exhibitions, event materials) must acknowledge the support of the MHCSA and BPD Co, as well as utilising the BPD Awareness Week and MHCSA’s Mental Health Month branding materials. 

This means all communication materials will include the 2021 BPD Awareness Week logo and theme, MHCSA and BPD Co logos, and the 2021 Mental Health Month logo and theme. These materials should be checked by the MHCSA’s Marketing and Communications Unit prior to publication, and we expect that they will be shared once finalised so that we can co-promote your efforts.

The allocation process will aim to ensure good coverage across metropolitan Adelaide, and all regions of country SA.

Please note: Given we are still working in the COVID-19 era, the MHCSA have considered a range of contingencies as we plan this year’s Mental Health Month. BPD Awareness Week Grants applications must include whether or not your event is likely to be impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, and how you will take this into account in your planning. 



BPD Awareness Week Grant application forms are available here: BPD-Grants-Application-Form-2021

Simply complete and email or post to MHCSA by 5pm Monday 16 August 2021.

To help in determining your budget, please view the following information from Country Arts SA on recommended rates for Artists and Arts workers: RECOMMENDED-RATES

To help with COVID-19 considerations, you can check out Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Event Creators. Information from SA Health on COVID-Safe and COVID Management Plans can be found here.

The assessment process may include shortlisted applicants being contacted for further details.

Please download our BPD-Grants-Information-Sheet-2021 to share this funding opportunity.



Successful applicants will be required to complete an evaluation report on their BPD Awareness Week 2021 funded project. The BPD Awareness Week Grants Evaluation form will ask you to provide the following information:

Description of project/event, project partners, attendance numbers, copies of media coverage and promotional materials, benefits to local consumers, carers, workers and general community and actual expenditure against your budget. Copies of photographs of the project/event should also be included in your evaluation.

Acquittal forms will be sent out to successful applicants in August, along with grant monies. Please bear in mind that these acquittal forms will be due by November 30, 2021 and factor this into your event coordination and debriefing.


For more information please contact:

Fiona Gilmore
Mental Health Coalition of SA
Suite 2, L5, 195 North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000
P: 08 8212 8873


Judy O’Sullivan
Service Development Manager
Borderline Personality Disorder Collaborative
P: (08) 7425 6500
E: Judy.O’