mindshare – your creative Mental Health Community online

“Mental illness can be a long and lonely journey and the pathway to recovery is different for each individual.   mindshare is a place for people to talk about their lives, issues, and experiences while enriching others with knowledge of their personal experience. Each of us is special, we all have a personal story to tell  and mindshare allows us all to shine.”  –  Steve Clark.

About mindshare

mindshare is a creative mental health community and online platform that provides a voice for those with lived experience of mental illness.

It is a space for sharing personal experiences or thoughts connected to mental health, either in everyday observations or through art and storytelling. mindshare welcomes all original creative work—short stories, poetry, blog posts, podcasts, paintings, music recordings, photography, mini documentaries and much more.

mindshare is managed by Anna Jeavons from the Mental Health Coalition of SA.

To find out more about how you can become a member of the mindshare community, visit the mindshare website.




The mindshare vision

  • To foster a creative dialogue between people with lived experience of mental illness and the wider community to combat stigma and increase awareness
  • To seek and promote the creative work of those with lived experience, mental health sector consumers, carers and workers

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The Mental Health Coalition of SA does not share nor endorse any of these views and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in the work presented on the mindshare site. You can read our editorial guidelines here.