2019 Mental Health Week Ambassador Mickey D

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August 20, 2019
From the Ground Up Back for Mental Health Week 2019
September 9, 2019

This year’s Mental Health Week Ambassador is comedian Mickey D.

Mickey D has travelled the world with his comedy performing across the UK, throughout Europe and the United States with international TV and radio credits.  He calls Adelaide home and will be using his quick whit and boundless humour to help us spread the word about mental health this year.

Mickey has his own lived experience with addiction which he has managed for a decade now. It began with alcohol then gambling and now he says it food. For Mickey managing his addiction is a day-to-day occurrence and when his workplace are clubs and pubs he is committed to staying sober.

Ironically his best selling shows are the late ones where his audience is drunk and Mickey D is not only the most sober man in the room but the funniest too.

For Mickey being aware of his mental health is what helps him manage it. He is driven by his family and his comedy career. Part of his Mental Health Week duties will include hosting a range of events for the MHCSA, including Laughter is the Best of Meds.

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