Update to NGO Mental Health Sector Funding

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June 7, 2019
Response to our Budget Campaign
June 20, 2019

Today we wrote to all Members of the South Australian Parliament in the Upper and Lower House.

This correspondence addressed claims we have participated in a scare campaign that impacts on the most vulnerable in our community when raising awareness around the unmet demand for mental health services.

As the peak body that speaks for this vulnerable community we felt it was imperative we address the facts as we know from our members and the SA Government.

While we acknowledge the shift in funding from the NGO mental health sector back to the Commonwealth to pay for the NDIS has been inherited from the previous State Government, we felt it was important we highlight how this shift is impacting on the NGO mental health sector.

We would like to also reiterate we welcome all efforts by Minister Wade and Minister Lensink and their departments to assist the NGO mental health sector with this transition.

The facts contained in the letter can be found here.

In the meantime, we will be delivering our petition to the South Australian Parliament on Monday 17 June and we are heartened that we have over 4,000 signatures. Our hope is to reach 5,000 signatures by Monday morning, 17 June. If you have not signed it yet we encourage you to consider doing so, we would also appreciate you continuing to share it with your networks and friends.

You can find our petition here.

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