Take care of your mental health this State Election

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February 19, 2018
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March 6, 2018

On Saturday March 17 South Australia heads to the polls to vote of our next state government. On Wednesday February 7 we held our own State Election Forum to find out candidates mental health policies and vision for SA’s mental health future.

You can watch our forum here on our Facebook page.

Our advocacy to make mental health a priority this State Election continues with our ‘take care of your mental health this state election‘ campaign.

We have an infographic, fact sheet and suggested social media posts that we are encouraging you to download and share on your social media networks. Just click on the hotlink on each of them.

No matter who you vote for this State Election we are asking you to look at their mental health policy and make sure they are taking care of your best interests.

We have also written to all the candidates who were at our forum and asked them for their mental health policies. These policies will then be graded by a panel of people with lived experience and a report card will be created and shared widely.

We know that here in South Australia funding for  community mental health NGOs has fallen below the national average. This the first time it has happened in ten years. Meanwhile half of us with have some form of mental health issue in our lifetime.

This state election it’s vital you take care of your mental health.

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