South Australian Parliament Investigates NDIS and Psychosocial Services

2018 Mental Health Week Ambassador – Lainie Anderson
September 26, 2018
2018 MHCSA Lived Experience Award Winners
November 9, 2018

In light of the impact of the rollout of NDIS on psychosocial services and risks to South Australians who will miss out on support the South Australian Government has announced an inquiry.

The Committee will inquire into:

1. The gap between the Federal Government’s predicted and realised percentages of mental health clients receiving NDIS support;

2. The reduction in funding to the Personal Helpers and Mentors program and Mental Health Respite Carer Support program and the impact this will have on people with mental illness;

3. The ongoing requirements for block funded mental health services provided by the State Government after the NDIS transition;

4. The effects on South Australians with mental health issues who are deemed ineligible to receive NDIS funding;

5. The sufficiency of services provided to people with mental illness who are accepted into the NDIS;

6. The effects on South Australians with mental health issues undertaking the application process for the NDIS;

7. Any other relevant matters.

The MHCSA has made a submission to the Committee and you can read it here.

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