On the Couch Podcast

A Survey Examining the Relationship between Gratitude and Caregiver Burden
February 1, 2017
Mental Health Promotions Position
February 8, 2017

The voice of lived experience is critical to achieving a mental health system that truly meets the needs of the community.

At our 2016 six people with lived experience as a consumer or carer will joined us “On the Couch” for a conversation about mental health, recovery and the Mental Health Plan.

On the Couch is made up of;
• Darren Hunt from Neami National Partners in Recovery
• Lyn English from Country Mental Health and member of our Board
• Belinda Brown from the LEWP project at the MHCSA
• Christie Baverstock from GROW
• Jane Rowe, independent Peer Worker, and
• Heather Nowak (pron. Novak) from Carers Link and also an independent trainer and advocate

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