MHCSA launches Mental Health Week at Open State

2017 Festival of Now
August 1, 2017
2017 Mental Health Week Ambassadors Matt & Tom Lobbe
September 14, 2017

This year we will be launching Mental Health Week at Open State with an event called ‘Why Mental Illness is Good For You’.

In this unique session the experts on mental health are those with a lived experience. Through their recovery journey they have acquired a wealth of knowledge that can be of benefit to us all.

Hosted by Beyond Blue Ambassador Jessica Rowe this insightful panel of experts will include our very own Belinda Brown with her mother Sally Gray and our Mental Health Week Ambassadors Matt and Tom Lobbe.

Our key note speaker, Kaurna Elder Rosemary Wanganeen, will talk about Loss and Grief in the Aboriginal community that underpins so many mental health issues for our First Australians. She will talk about how important it is to recognise that through Reconciliation and culturally aware support and services.  Loss and grief are experienced by many living with mental illness so Rosemary’s message is important for all of us.
Those in our lives who have experience of mental illness often teach us very important lessons about our own mental health. They can be things like the importance of setting boundaries, finding time to slow down,dealing with (rather than avoiding) relationship difficulties or de-stressing without a few drinks.

We have moved beyond thinking that mental ill-health will impact on just 1 in 5 Australians to now acknowledging 50% of Australians will have a mental illness diagnosis in their lifetime.

Tickets are free so book now here.

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