Festival of Now

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Friday 12th October

Light Square, Wauwi



About FON

A major event of Mental Health Week (7th-13th October), the Festival of Now brings the mental health community together to showcase creativity used in the healing journey and break down the stigma of mental illness.

It is a celebration of community, wellbeing, and good mental health.

The festival is run by a committee of members from NGOs and is designed to cater mostly for the Mental Health sector: consumers, carers and mental health workers. Members of the general public are invited and welcome to join in the celebration.

With stalls promoting arts in health, healthy eating and performances the Festival of Now is a positive event creating a wider understanding of mental health in the community.

Attractions at the festival include live music and performance, free food, peer sharing circles, arts and crafts, drumming workshops, animals, face painting, NGO stalls, and more.

All artists who take to the main stage have a lived experience of mental illness and Peer Support Workers host a sharing circle that promotes the significant work they undertake in the sector and allow everyone to talk openly about their mental health.

The attendance rates increase year on year with approximately 600 attendees flocking to Light Square in 2017.

The Festival of Now is a positive event that not only brings all facets of the sector together, but gives them a time to cheer each other along as they continue to promote mental health and well being to everyone.

Want to Get Involved?

Stall applications for 2018 are now closed, however if you would like to get involved with the Festival of Now for 2019, please email Kristy Stengert at the Mental Health Coalition.

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