For Leaders of Lived Experience Workforce

For Leaders of Lived Experience Workforce


Professional Development for Leaders

The LEWP provides free training for people who directly supervise Lived Experience Workers (LEWs), or who are working towards a role in which they will.

Our series of sessions, under the heading ‘Leading Lived Experience in the Workplace: LEt’s Talk About…’ covers:

1. Strengths-based Recruitment of LEW
2. Establishing the Role
3. Supervision of LEW
4. Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience

The aim is to increase knowledge of the Lived Experience skill set, increase confidence in leading LEWs and promoting an effective LEW-Leader working relationship.

Registrations are open to LEWs from both the NGO and Government mental health sectors.

Save the dates - 2020:
Tuesday 18th February 12.30-3pm: Strengths-based Recruitment of LEW
Tuesday 5th May 12.30-3pm: Establishing the Role
Tuesday 2nd June 12.30-3pm: Supervision of LEW
Tuesday 18th August 12.30-3pm: Supporting Wellbeing and Resilience
Details including venue and how to register will appear here closer to each event.


MHCSA_20181126_LE-Workshop - 6

Support for Organisations

Together with our Reference Group, the LEWP has co-produced a range of tools designed to support organisations who have, or are preparing to implement, LEW. Documents such as the NGO LEW Standards and Guidelines cover all aspects of workforce development, e.g. organisational preparation, recruitment, retention and development.

The tools can be downloaded here.


Leaders with Lived Experience

Are you in an NGO leadership role, have Lived Experience, it is not part of your Job Description but you would like to explore how to use it to inform your practice? Speak with the LEWP to start the confidential conversation.

Contact details can be found on our Home Page.